Hello from Scottsdale Modern Dentistry, where you'll discover the healthiest and most beautiful smile of your life. We offer the perks of a modern dental office in a welcoming and comfortable environment. Schedule routine dental cleanings and checkups to keep your teeth and dental hygiene feelings great! When cavities are detected, you may be diagnosed for a dental filling or possibly a dental crown, also called a cap. Scottsdale Modern Dentistry offers in-house dental specialty as well. As a root canal specialist, our skilled endodontist provides treatment for pulp issues through his endodontic practice. If you need a dental implant placed or periodontal gum disease treatment, appointments are available with our team periodontist. If you need an oral surgeon in Scottsdale, we can help! Consults and treatment for oral surgery include wisdom teeth removal and a variety of other dental surgeries. Contact us today for all your dental care needs!